Friday, September 24, 2010

I love to play all day, Come join me all my friends

Title taken from lyrics of opening song of Pororo

Children have different phases in life where they would have different 'favorite' characters.
When Lil' Miss was younger, she was ga-ga over Pocoyo (link). (I would love to have a picture here, but I'm not sure if I would be infringing any image rights.. so for now a linky would suffice).

In summary, Pocoyo is a little boy in blue outfit in a vast white world ... it's white everywhere you don't know where the horizon is. I guess the 'whiteness' of the background makes the characters more interesting and colorful.

The Pocoyo phase lasted about 2 years.. and now she's into a new phase. Oddly, it starts with a 'P' too.. and ALMOST the same spelling. PORORO (link).

It's not a boy.. but a blue penguin who lives with a baby dinosaur in a snow capped village. Yes, BLUE again. I'm beginning to think it's her favorite color. (hehe It's mine too).

Anyways, she is so crazy over Pororo, she watches the DVD EVERY DAY.. NON STOP!

One day, out of the blue.. she said

'Mummy, can you make me a Petty bag?' .. Petty not as in nit-picking, kinda petty. Petty as in the character Petty in the Pororo series.. she's the pretty little girl penguin. (link)

I thought to myself 'Well, it's basically a circle with some simple features in it.. so why not?'

Thus began my adventure in making a 'Pororo/Petty' bag.. (coz both the characters had circular shaped face)

I pieced Petty with the base of a circle, cut out of an old polo-t of my husband's
Eyes were black felt, and a cute little beak made of yellow felt.
Petty's face is further accentuated with a cute fringe pattern, made out of blue felt.

Finally the pretty little face is framed with purple satin cloth.

All from my scrap pile.. Yay!

Pororo's base was from the same material as Petty's.

Again all features made from various colored felt (you gotta love how versatile these stuff is).

After that, I cut out same sized circles from some batting and also a polka dotted cotton.

This made both the faces oh so soft and cuddly.

Then it was finished off with a rectangular piece of fabric (same as the backing of the faces).


A finished bag.

Lil' Miss loved it so much, she slept with the bag that night..

Now, that made it all worth it :)


  1. I can imagine how her eyes light up the moment she sees the bag ;-) Errmm where to learn how to sew arh? kekeke

  2. So cute! How lucky to be Lil' Miss!


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