Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The gift that almost wasn't

Almost 8 years ago, I started participating in an online forum where nearly everything and anything was discussed. It quickly became my social outlet, and some of the forumers; myself included; met up for lunches and 'Teh Tarik'. As with all social gatherings, cliques began to form and I found myself chatting with a couple of them on a daily basis. Addiction, you cry? Yes. There was a time when I couldn't chat with them and boy did I have major withdrawal symptoms. 

Anyways, we've kept in touch through pregnancies, change of jobs, parenting issues, novel ideas, etc. So naturally when I was about to set up this blog, I consulted one of them for a name. See, he became our de facto go to guy when it came to word play. He suggested a few.. but sew-handy stuck. As a token of appreciation, I offered to sew something for his lil' princess (coz I know a macho guy like him would NOT be caught dead carrying a wristlet :P  ).

 I naturally procrastinated on the project... sorry... but I finally did make good on my promise.. and churned out not 1 but 2 water tumbler carriers :)

I made them girly, made them pink.. totally suited for a lil' princess.

One of it (the larger one), had the lil' princess' initials appliquéd on.

 The other, I was playing with some 3D appliqué of butterflies.I was quite happy with the results.. what do you think?

I wasn't happy with some wonky sewing that kept happening though. I can't seem to be able to sew around circles well..

I must try again... lil' princess, do you need more carriers? :)

Edit: I'm such a scatterbrain.. I didn't explain the post title. It almost wasn't coz ... No, not cause I procrastinated too long.. :)  .. It was coz I sent it via Pos Laju and purportedly it's a next day delivery. Alas, DAYS went by and the gift didn't arrive. I was so worried that it was lost forever! After some calls to the post office, things got sorted out and the gift arrived safely into lil' princess' arms. In time for her birthday to boot ... booyah!

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  1. you can sew a few for me hehehe well to practice on your circles :D