Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Dress

About 2 years back, while surfing blogs, I stumbled upon a nifty little dress called the 'Infinity Dress'. 1 dress, multiple ways of wearing it. Brilliant!

Then I saw the instructions on Rostitchery, and decided to give it a try. I did not have a sewing machine, and was very green to the fabric market here in Malaysia (greater KL area to be precise). So I went off to the nearest Nagoya  to see if I could get any 'stretchy' material. When I was there, they ONLY had a Barney Purple knit (2-way stretch). I was desperate.. I needed to sew that dress.. and I got it.

Now I have to tell you this, I was struggling with my weight (am still) post-baby, and being a total noob.. I must've messed up measurements and obviously couldn't cut a straight line. Long story short. The dress was horrendous. So bad, that I do not have any photographic evidence. In fact, I have no idea what happened to the said dress.

Fast-forward, now. 

The 'Infinity Dress' or Convertible dress seems to have re-gained popularity. Many youtube links have been put in FaceBook and many have been tagged.. (since everyone's tagged into anything nowadays). And my sis was showing me this

Same dress, with more glam I suppose. 

So, for my sis' birthday, I decided to give the Infinity Dress another go.

I went back to the SAME fabric shop I went 2 years ago, and it now carries many more different fabric. The whole knit section was bursting with colors. Then this lovely border design fabric caught my eye. 3 meters, 1.5 hours later.. this happened.

The Infinity Dress
I stuck on to Rostitchery's instructions, but with some modifications.

  1. Decided not to do a circle skirt. Leveraged on the beautiful border and made a normal gathered skirt instead. I prefer the more streamlined look of the skirt this way. 
  2. Enlarged the waistband to become a tube top for better coverage.

Am glad that sis loved the way it turned out. She looks stunning in it. It helps that she's so thin too :P..

Back View
I intentionally left the straps UBER long, coz I sew the dress WITHOUT my sis around. So I wasn't sure how long was long enough. Since knit is so forgiving in the 'fraying' department, she could just cut the straps to size later.

I love the look so much, and have been searching for more and more ways of tying the dress, that .. dare I say it.. I intend to make one for myself now.

Such a dilemma.. I was all set to follow the sew-along of Crepe on Gertie's blog. But I may be able to squeeze in an Infinity Dress for myself. (I am hoping that my hour-glass challenged body shape could pull off this look.. )

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time Flies...

Can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post.

I have busy .. my first born turned 4 recently. We decided to have a birthday party and that means mummy gets to do some crafty stuff *grins*.

Remember the obsession Lil' Miss had with the penguin called Pororo?  That obsession became the theme for the party.

First, there was a Fishing Area. The characters in the cartoon would go and fish in the icy lake.. and thus this became the party pack.

I sewed some inexpensive blue chinese brocade like fabric into fish shapes and attached a ribbon at the opening. Each fish was 'stuffed' with some balloons, a toy car, a cute paper clip and some chocolates..

I'm still kicking myself for not taking more pictures.. but juggling with work, 2 kids and trying to churn out these babies.. photo taking kinda took a back seat.

Anyways, 20 fish later, they were all put into a basin with some packing styrofoam. We had 2 balloon sticks that were converted into 'fishing rods'.

come and get me..
The next station was a bakery. Loopy, the pink beaver in the series loves to bake cute cakes.. and so this was a spin on that. Each cake slice was made of felt.. and it had an opening to so you could put stuff into it.
See the strawberries and cream on top? .. They're interchangeable :) ... It's stuck on with Velcro.. so the kids could play 'decorate' the cake.

Care to have a slice?
I can't leave out Loopy right?.. So I cut her out of felt, and used a Sharpie to outline. Hot glued on features like eyes, nose, mouth, ears and tum (all cut out from felt too) Once Loopy was done, she was double sided taped onto an easel that we had.

Felt flowers with the rough side of a Velcro stuck at the back became the item to 'pin' on Loopy.

Help me pin my flowers
The party would not have been complete without the main character, Pororo. So I got to take a walk back memory lane and did somne papier mache. After it was done, I hot glued felt of different colors to create...

 Is that all? you say.. the final piece de resistance
Here's looking at you, kid.
The Pororo cake. Basic butter cake with chocolate chips and covered with fondant.

Phew.. boy am I tired.. but I have so much more to do before my upcoming trip..

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