Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenge : Mass Production

Sewing ONE wristlet is nice.

Sewing TWO wristlets is cool

Repeat that multiple times.. and you wonder if it'll ever end.
Then you see them all stacked up.. and you swell with the sense of achievement

Don't you think they look gorgeous? It's the first tme I've sewn SO MANY wristlets at one go. 19 actually, all 'unique' in their little way.. because it's all hand-made (actually it's just that I didn't cut them all precisely *sheepish smile*).
Nope, I'm not setting up shop and building up my inventory. A friend asked me to make them for her.. she has a wristlet fetish.. I kid! I kid! She gave them away as gifts.
Sew all these (and some more) over the weekend. Now, that' what I call a frenzy!

Ah.. but wristlets alone are not enough

Booksleeves were in the request too. Not 1, not 2, but 5!

All with a ribbon sewn in as a bookmark and an elastic tie to hook on to a wooden smiley flower. Adorable, no?

There's just something about your creations all stacked up...makes me smile..
Either that or it's my sub-concious just happy that I've completed the order and can go and sleep *grins*

Isn't the fabric just oh-so-cute too?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lil' Miss and Hello Kitty

Remember this?

I finally got around to sewing (and to post about) a blouse to match it. It's all made of the same material, local flannel. The pattern was an old McCall dress pattern my mum found in her treasure trove of books and magazines. 

Lil' Miss loves it. It's nice an airy and roomy enough for her to move around in.

Cute, no?

Clockwise from left: Full suit - front view, back view, close up of the material

I finished the back with a zip. On hind site, perhaps buttons would be better. 

The only problem I have with this material is the .. erm.. what do you call it? the little lumps that appear on the sruface after it's been to wash. 

A back shot... also to show off the cool vinyl sticker I have on the wall.. 


Monday, August 16, 2010

A fair pair

Ms. Wristlet..

Love how simple the fabric is and how this turned out. Didn't have any pattern on hand, so I just winged the size. Since the outer layer was so sweet, I paired it with a pale beige lining. The result is quite charming, I must say.

Months back, I got this keychain from a small harbedasheries and stationary shop. I love the usage of the 'heart' shape instead of the normal 'circle'. It gives the wristlet a bit more 'character' I think.

When it was done, I looked at Ms Wristlet. 

She looked lonely.. she needed a friend. Then came...

Mr. Book sleeve

He came to me .. in a daze. While I was just staring blankly at the book case, thinking of a partner for Ms Wristlet. The same fabrics were used.. after all, they had to be a matching, handsome pair. 

To add a little twist, I searched my scrap pile and found this organza ribbon. Must've been from a present wrapping I received a long time ago. I searched some more and found this cute little ladybug, that used to be on my sewing table (I would post a picture of it soon). A couple of zig-zag stitches later, I made a bookmark, with the ladybug trapped in organza.. doesn't it shout 'CUTE!' ?

Match made in heaven.

Don't they look handsome?

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