Friday, October 8, 2010

Crepe by Colette Patterns

I love dresses.

I especially love dresses that are cinched at the waist. So when I stumbled upon the new pattern that was being offered by the beautiful people at Colette Patterns, I fell in love.

I fell hard!

Crepe was amazing; princess neckline, a sash, a wrap, and most of all.. a pattern for a beginner. Me!

Image from Colette Patterns
Look at that beauty and tell me you are not in love. Go ahead I dare you... it's so classy yet simple and elegant.

And so.. after much deliberation with my credit card.. I bought the pattern. My FIRST pattern. My FIRST dress pattern. My FIRST pattern from Colette (I heart all their dresses.. but my credit card needs to recover from the exchange rate)

While waiting for the pattern to arrive, I set about looking for fabric. I was hesitant in getting fabric that was too costly, as I didn't know if my sewing skills would be up to par. So I settled with the following:

They were at RM5.00 (USD 1.60) per meter. I needed approximately 4.5m of the print and 1.5m of the contrast color for the sash. The material is silky and has a good drape on it, more commonly used for Baju Kurung.

Finally when the pattern arrived approximately 2.5 weeks later.. I couldn't wait to start.

The pattern piece was so daunting.. on the thin tissue like paper. I was so scared I would rip it.

I laid out my fabric and traced the required patterns on it (in retrospect, I should've traced onto butcher paper or some other paper and then transfer to the fabric. That way it's easier for me to reproduce the dress at a later date). The instructions that came in the booklet was very helpful.

My only gripe was that I do not have a serger, and finishing raw edges is not my favourite thing to do. With bags and pouches, it's easy to hide them with lining. With garments, plus the fact that it will be washed multiple times, hiding is not an option. Zig-zag and pinking shears were my friend.. but please don't look at my dress too closely.. the finishing on the inside is still horrendous.

I humbly give you, my version of Crepe

I love it. I love the pockets. I love the sash.

I learned so much with this.. I learned
a) How to sew in pockets for a dress .. and it's so simple
b) How to sew the princess neckline.. (I so heart it)
c) Most importantly I learnt not to be intimidated by LARGE pattern pieces.

Now that I've made one.. and wore it out (I can't believe it!).. I want to make more. Some people have asked me to make them one too.. hahah .. if only they'd seen the seams (shhh!)

The one gripe I have is the interface for the sleeve. they pop out easily.. Did I do something wrong? I'm thinking of putting in 'steam-a-seam' kind of adhesive to make it stay put. Any ideas?


  1. Ooh, I love it!

    If the facing is popping out, you might just tack it in place with a couple of stitches at the places it's popping out. Just use a hand sewing needle and a few tiny stitches, so that it's not visible on the outside of the dress.

  2. Hi Sarai..

    Thanks for dropping by (can't believe u actually popped by my humble blog.. *blush*)

    Will tack the pekaboo interface as advised :)

    Thanks again.

  3. Lovely! The green is so nice! I have this pattern and fabric, but haven't started yet. Yours in the first I have seen made up.

  4. I love the green too and your dress looks gorgeous. I am going to make this dress soon, so thank you for your lovely post abut it!!